Medical Professionals

What can go wrong?

Claims made against medical professionals usually include allegations of inadequate or poor treatment, misdiagnosis, direct injury or damage and, of course, death but they also face wider issues like breach of confidence or other duties to patients and clients. There is also a vast array of complementary therapies and therapists to consider.

The frequency of claims made against healthcare professionals in both public and private practice is increasing, in part driven by the prevalence of legal firms seeking out potential claimants.

Cover considerations

NHS employees are generally covered by its umbrella insurance arrangements but cover is also mandatory for certain other medical professionals. For instance, the government has recently introduced legislation that requires all those registered with the Health & Care Professions Council to maintain professional indemnity insurance.

The pool of insurers for this profession is relatively small but high quality cover at competitive prices is available for most activities.

Products designed for medical professionals will usually include protection for medical malpractice, negligent acts and other breaches of professional duty as well as defence costs and are tailored by insurers to meet the specific needs of the practice or individual.

What are insurers looking for?

The exact nature of the care or treatment provided as well as relevant qualifications and experience.

Insurers will take a close look at internal risk management and record-keeping procedures and will also want to understand whether tried and tested procedures or cutting-edge treatments and technologies are being offered.

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